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The Tinder version is virtually identical, only more graphic.

What they have in common is that they are very direct.

The whole story (and how I turn that beautiful Ukrainian stunner around) will be released tomorrow,' Mr Berger wrote.

Some famous Apple products are i Pad, i Phone, Mac, i Pod, etc. Some software components developed by Apple includes i OS, Mac OS operating systems, the Safari web browser, the i Tunes media player, i Work and i Life productivity and creativity suits.

However, the line has sparked outrage from women online, many of whom have taken to social media to detail their own conversations with would-be admirers who have tried to win them over by copying and pasting the 'sexist' phrase.

'I always google lines that seem generic and fishy, lo and behold, this one is a popular pick up artist line (pick up garbage is an online community of dirty diaper men teaching other men how to manipulate women into having sex with them.

Forward: Pick-up artist Maximilian Berger is encouraging his 50,000 You Tube followers to use a technique known as 'the apocalypse opener' which lays bare a man's desire to have sex from the first point of contact In a video posted on his You Tube channel, entitled 'How to F**k Women on Tinder', Maxmilian explains that he has tried and tested the line himself, and that he has experienced a huge amount of success with it.

The steps are developed by an Apple support line executive that is available and can be reached by Apple 800 number.

The installation of the i Tunes on your Apple device will work now by following the above steps created by the Apple 24 hour support executive.

That is why Apple has developed centers such as Apple contact us which is available for the customers to provide help and support regarding the Apple products and services.

The customers who want to get support Apple regarding any Apple product issues can call Apple support number anytime to reach an Apple phone number support professional.

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