Dont bother telling me who my ex is dating

I also feel like it will come out naturally and that if I press, it will undo the excellent foundation we’ve laid. And when she notices it, in and out of bed, she’s immediately turned off,” Victoria Uwumarogie writes.

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Instead, you need solid proof that something has changed: perhaps you were in a bad place, and now you’re not, or they lived on the other side of the country, and now they don’t.

‘After five months, we gave it another go and both agreed to make changes: I’d be less dependent on him and he’d be more understanding.

In the end it didn’t work, it was never going to because he brought those things out in me.

‘Three months later I realised that I wanted him back - but I had to work for it!

That was about two and half years ago now and everything’s been good since.

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