Erotik webcam simulator

I was on: it's no Dotnet and I am not sure what example I should believe in.

I also saw: But as far as I undestand, here I cannot do with this framework what I need, or can I?

It adds a virtual camera to your system without having an actual webcam.

It can be used with all instant messenger like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Camfrog Video Chat.

If you want to broadcast a video file, you just add it to the main window of the application, then open the messaging client you generally use.

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From the moment Webcam Simulator is configured, your entire screen activities will be broadcast just like a webcam.You should even be able to share movies with anyone.Webcam Simulator is so excellent that it can even be integrated into your favorite IM client.This enables you to play entire movies to your friends, in just a few clicks.Webcam Simulator allows you to play in a loop the same file or use a list of videos and broadcast them one by one, so you can even load an entire directory of videos.

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