Muslim turkish men dating non muslim

In fact the second Caliph, Umar bin Al-Khattab (634-644), denied interfaith marriage for Muslim men during his term as “Amir al-Muminin” (Prince of the Believers, i.e. However, the majority of Muslim jurists in modern days do not prohibit a Muslim man from marrying a Christian or Jewish woman; this, in their view, ensures that over many centuries, the Islamic patriarchal society would gain more adherents to Islam relative to Christianity, Judaism and other co-existing relig Islamic Sharia does not prohibit a Muslim man, marrying a non-Muslim woman, from marrying more than one woman.

Islamic Sharia allows a Muslim man to marry up to four wives at the same time.

If the husband is dead, the wife can leave the country with the children provided that the guardian of the children, who has been appointed by the father before his death, or a guardian who has been appointed by a judge, permits the wife to travel with the children. Non-Muslim woman who is married to a Muslim man should know that if the husband travels with the children to his country and decides to stay with them in that country, she is not afforded protection of US law to bring the children back to the United States.

Under the rules of Islamic Sharia, children born of mixed marriages, involving a Muslim man and non-Muslim woman are considered Muslims.The religion of children born of a Muslim father always follows the religion of their father.It does not matter even if the child is baptized in the Christian faith; he will always be regarded as Muslim and governed by Islamic Sharia.(2) The Shafi’i School forbids a “kafira” [infidel: Christian or Jewish woman] to have custody over a Muslim child; the text of this School reads: “no custody is given to “kafir” (non-Muslim, or infidel) over a Muslim”.(3) Hanbali School does not allow “ajnabi” [a foreigner, i.e non-Muslim] to have custody over Muslim.

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