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When we harbor resentment, it lives in our bodies and causes adverse affects on our health, and eventually shorten our lifespan.

The list of benefits you can gain from practicing forgiveness includes: reduced anxiety, less depression, fewer major psychiatric disorders and overall better physical health.

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There are too many of us who still sit and watch television with a bag of chips, a donut and a soda.

With a few simple techniques, it is possible to improve your focus which leads to better If you are planning to start up a new coaching business, you will need to take steps to build your brand, optimize workflow, bring in new clients and increase revenue.

The wound of betrayal takes on an almost existential flavor when you think of the person who wounded you as your spouse, lover, confidant, financial partner AND best friend.

We mourn a betrayal of this kind deeply on many levels for a very long time.

(Just joking.)So, here are five tips that will help you trust more easily and openly in your life: 1.

Trust Yourself via GIPHYI hate to say it, but often, trust issues arise because what you see in someone else is an issue directly reflecting something you don't want to see in yourself.

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