Teen dating violence abuse

Only 4 percent of teens in a relationship say the abuse and harassment they experienced was digital alone.Perhaps not surprisingly, schools are relatively free from digital harassment, but remain the centers for physical and psychological abuse.SEE ALSO: How Do I Honor God in My Dating Relationship?

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“But what we didn’t anticipate was the overlap that we found with other forms of teen dating violence.” Study Specifics The Urban Institute study delivers some startling statistics concerning teens and digital dating abuse.

Here are some safety tips that may be helpful, but each situation is unique. Please call a domestic violence hotline or the National Teen Abuse Helpline 866-331-9474/866-331-8453 TTY, to develop a personalized safety plan based on the details of the abuse, and all the aspects of your life.

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The most prevalent form of digital abuse is tampering with a partner’s social media account.

More than one in 12 teens in a relationship (8.7 percent) say their partner used their social networking account without their permission.

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