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the storylines are disjointed , not due to complexity but just badly written there are many tv series with multiple complex threads on TV (eg grimm) but lost girl writers are going out of their way to mess it up please end this series in the next four episode so that its not remembered as “heroes” two good seasons then downhill Hi @Ade! Yeah, it does seem to be like the ill-fated Heroes in that way doesn't it?

(Although Grimm has lost me for good after the mess that was S2.) When you look at something like Orphan Black (whose showrunners were, incidentally, executive producers of Lost Girl's S1) and how complex and tight they keep its plotting and characterization, it's a marked contrast to what Lost Girl has become.

@NYPin TA I agree that, when the relationships etc are stripped out and the season is looked at solely in terms of Trick's back story with the Fae War and what he did to Rainer and why and that now coming back to bite him and throw in the memory theme in relation to identity, it reframes the whole season in a positive light and is a compelling story. Kenzi has endured so much without losing it that to see her break now over this tragedy was no less than devastating. He's my second chance...'." But the series has never blamed Bo for not going to the Norn to try to save Dyson, not for one nonosecond.

But that all gets lost under the quagmire of inconsistency and character assasination and outright wrongness of what happened when and how and why. I thought Anna Silk played Bo's complete shock over this so well as it's the first time for her too in their four years together that she's seen Kenzi break so completely. To be fair, Bo was wallowing in despair (and self pity) at his rejection and thus was immobilized. Also good and thorough retelling, @nypinta, of Dyson's story of not being an a-hole.

Instead we've gotten the misdirect of Rainer as The Wanderer but not the one who kidnapped her but but but but... We work hard here at H&H to keep this an interesting, safe forum for anyone who wants to discuss Lost Girl. And he could certainly have handled the 'I've lost my love for you forever, you need to move on' situation more sensitively.

And we've now gone TWO SEASONS with Bo's father as the great big Fae evil boogyman and he STILL hasn't appeared on screen. I believe Kenzi may have originated the idea after the first brushoff.

I agree as well that she has not been harbouring a secret crush on him. Indeed, as @Uber Faenatic says, "ZERO evidence." However, she does think of him very affectionately and cares about his wellbeing.

I agree with Kiersten as well (I'm in an agreeable mood this morning): It was fun to look back at the extensive speculation in the last thread as to whether Dyson was into the kiss or not.

Found this, which I think is the thing Trick calls the horse in the picture when talking to Vex: they're going to alter the creature to suit their needs like they do all supernatural creatures. Plus she also noted that Dyson made it clear to Bo that he came because Tamsin called & that he was there to back her up. Of course, Tamsin might also be trying to get Dyson to realize that he does't have to wait around for Bo, that he can move on. I'm really curious how Kenzi is going to be next week. Will this be the season that Bo's friends aren't there for her the way she's used to them being? And yeah, she's attracted to him; Tamsin attracted to a lot of different people and Fae.

Which I'm OK with since Trick did say to Bo that part of their job is to obscure the truth to humans so fairy tales humans tell each other are not to be trusted. I just think Acacia noted her reaction to Dyson when he showed up and was giving her a hard time about that. But she definitely hasn't been pining for him at all and I don't even think her kissing him in the boxing ring was her coming on to him so much as declaring herself as an equal alpha/partner unlike Hale who admittedly takes a beta role in their partnership (which is not at all a weaker role.) But Dyson is important to her - "our wolf" - and has been for some time so again, offering him sexual solace tracks.

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